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Deliberate Practice 4


I’m considering Thrive but have a few questions that I want to ask before I take the leap to become a paying member.

I’m struggling to understand why Thrive is better than something like Wix and LeadPages. It seems to me that I can just sign up for these services and get up and running straight away because I don’t have to have my own web hosting and I can simply use their infrastructure – this makes thing so fast and easy…why is Thrive a better alternative to this?

Also, if I do decide to go with WordPress, why should I choose your products over something like Elementor or Divi? Do you offer something that they don’t offer?

Thanks in advance,

Deliberate Practice 3


I have a digital product and I would like to be able to capture the names and email addresses of people that visit my site.

Do you have a product that can handle this for me? Which one is it? Is it called Thrive Ultimatum?

If so, will this product also allow me to create lightboxes and post footer lead capture forms?

Will I be able to split test the forms that I create?

Best regards,

Deliberate Practice 2

How do we customize h1, h2, h3 and paragraph font size style and spacing?

These basic elements give style, look and feel to the site.

I want to see what the current settings are… and then change them.

1. Where is the css code located that defines the font on all pages of the theme. Specifically, the paragraph and heading details. I am currently using the Pressive theme.

2. How is this changed?

3. Perhaps it is changed by following this video I saw in another post.

How to Add Custom CSS to your Thrive Theme

However, this only shows how to define the pixel size.

How do we change the font? and…

How do we change the spacing/margin above and below.?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 🙂