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I'm really interested in purchasing your products but I have a WordPress website at WordPress.com rather than hosted on my own servers - can I still use your products with this setup?


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  • Hi Tammy,

    I am very happy to help you out with your concern.

    Regarding to your question, WordPress.com has a premium package wherein you can use a third party product.

    But here’s an alternative way, you can also use your own server and build your own WordPress site. Just go to WordPress.org, download a WordPress platform and from there you can set up your own WordPress site and you can use our multiple products.

    May I ask what are the products that you looking for?
    In the mean time, you can check our website https://thrivethemes.com/ for more details.

    I hope that helps.

    If you have additional question don’t hesitate to email me again.

    Thank you.


  • What I like
    Good personable opening – “I am very happy to help you out with your concern.”
    You correctly identified WordPress.com premium package that enables the use of 3rd party products
    You suggest an alternative way of using self-hosted
    You keep the conversation open by asking what products the customer is looking for. This is good because the customer should always feel that they are welcome to come back with more questions if they have them. Only the customer should decide when to close the conversation.

    Deliberate Practice Focus
    You did well to suggest the alternative option, which is to use a WordPress.org for a self-hosted website. However, this could have been improved by providing some information on why this option can often be more beneficial to business owners. Of course, you may not have known it at the time, but this would be the two points discussed in the question breakdown session that we had:

    You have complete ownership of your data and don’t risk losing it if you fail to pay a subscription
    You have more flexibility around customisation of your website.

    Although I must say that I’m not totally sure how much customisation WordPress.com Business Package offers, but I imagine it is more limited than a self-hosted installation. However, the important thing to remember here is that if you are going to give the customer an alternative option, you must explain why the customer might consider this option as they are certainly going to wonder that and will often come back to you to ask why the alternative option is better.

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