I have a digital product and I would like to be able to capture the names and email addresses of people that visit my site.

Do you have a product that can handle this for me? Which one is it? Is it called Thrive Ultimatum?

If so, will this product also allow me to create lightboxes and post footer lead capture forms?

Will I be able to split test the forms that I create?

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for reaching out about Thrive Theme products.

    I am very happy to assist you with your concerns.

    Thrive Theme is a tool for your WordPress site to turn it into a selling machine, so Yes, we do have the product that you are looking for.

    But first, I want to give you some details about the product called Thrive Ultimatum that you just said. Thrive Ultimatum is a product for creating a campaign that can actually help you to catch visitors to opt-in for you product.

    Now, our product that can you help sell your digital product is called Thrive Leads. It allows you to capture the names & email addresses of people who may opt-in to your site. It also allows you to create lightboxes and post footer lead capture forms. And yes, it allows you to be able to split test your forms as well.

    I hope that helps. If you have any additional question, don’t hesitate to reach me out again and will very happy to help you.

    Have a good day!


  • What I like:

    I like how you have a good use of paragraphs in your reply. This makes it easy to read and understand, instead of a whole block of text.

    You’ve correctly and politely corrected the customer’s assumption that Ultimatum does something else, and that what he is looking for is actually Leads.

    You seem to now have a good grasp of the basic structure of an ideal reply, with an opening, body that addresses the concern(s), and ending statement that is open-ended and makes the customer feel welcome to come back if he has any more questions.


    Deliberate Practice for Tomorrow:

    In addition to addressing each of the customer’s concerns or points raised, which you’ve done well, you could also mention a few more benefits that the product can provide him and his website, such as what other types of forms he can use with Leads, with a link or two to the sales page or resource about its split testing feature.

    This would not only meet the customer’s needs/wants, but also show him that if he chooses our product, there is more that he can also do with it on his website.


    An example of an ideal reply might look like:

    Hello Roger,

    Thanks for reaching out to us – It sounds like we have the perfect solution for you…

    Before I talk about the tool you need, I should just clarify that Thrive Ultimatum is not the tool that you need for capturing names and email addresses. Ultimatum is the name of another product in our suite that’s actually used to create time limited offers and scarcity campaigns.

    The good news, however, is that we have an all-encompassing lead capture solution called Thrive Leads. This is what you’ll need to capture the names and email addresses of people that visit your site.

    Thrive Leads allows you to create all sorts of lead capture forms including:

    Lightbox Overlay (Popup)
    ThriveBox 2-Step Optin
    Optin Widget
    In-Content Form
    Screen Filler
    Content Lock
    Multi-Step Forms

    Even better, all these forms can be split tested to find the highest performing forms. Our split testing engine is extremely efficient and allows you to set the test up once and let it automatically choose the best form for you. Here’s some more information on our split testing engine: https://thrivethemes.com/leads/ab-testing/

    Given that you’re trying to grow your mailing list, It sounds like Thrive Leads is the perfect tool for you. If you’d like to take Leads for a test spin, here is the signup page:https://thrivethemes.com/leads/pricing/

    All purchases are protected by a full 30 day money back guarantee.

    If you have any more questions about Thrive Leads and what it can do for you, let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

    Happy list building!

  • I appreciate it! Thanks a lot.

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