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I’m considering Thrive but have a few questions that I want to ask before I take the leap to become a paying member.

I’m struggling to understand why Thrive is better than something like Wix and LeadPages. It seems to me that I can just sign up for these services and get up and running straight away because I don’t have to have my own web hosting and I can simply use their infrastructure – this makes thing so fast and easy…why is Thrive a better alternative to this?

Also, if I do decide to go with WordPress, why should I choose your products over something like Elementor or Divi? Do you offer something that they don’t offer?

Thanks in advance,

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for your interest with Thrive Theme.

    I am happy to help you with your concerns.

    Thrive Theme is way better that Wix and Leadpages because is it self-hosted. You can have a full control of your own data. It also allows flexibility for customization. Regarding with Wix and LeadPages, they make things so fast and easy for you but they can only offer a limited customization and they control your data.

    Our Thrive Products work together seemlessly and it uses the WordPress Codex to avoid plugin conflicts. For more details, you can check Thrive Theme Products here – https://thrivethemes.com/

    We are happy to give you a 30 day FREE Trial for you to experience our product. Go to this page – https://thrivethemes.com/membership-pricing/

    If you have any additional question, please don’t hesitate to reach out again.
    Have a nice day!

  • What I like:

    You’ve mentioned key points that make Thrive Themes products more advantageous:
    Offer more flexibility and allow more customization
    Work together seamlessly

    You’ve also mentioned our 30-day money back guarantee, thereby helping to remove doubts about monetary risk involved in a purchase.


    Deliberate Practice for Tomorrow:

    For your next Deliberate Practice question, try to include more details and specifics in your reply. They do not have to be lengthy, but see if you can come up with more points to compare getting Thrive Themes with getting the other products mentioned. See if you can actually visit our sales pages and theirs and give the customer a clear comparison, so that he has a clearer picture of what he’ll be getting into if he decides to go with Thrive Themes or with the other products.


    An example of an ideal reply might look like:

    Thanks for reaching out to us and for considering Thrive…I’ll try and highlight why I think Thrive is a better option than the other solutions that you’ve mentioned.

    Regarding Wix and LeadPages – these are hosted services. While you’re right in the fact that you can get up and running quickly, there are some key downsides to take into account:-

    Lock in – if you build your web site on LeadPages or Wix then you are locked into their service. If you stop paying their monthly fees then all your data and your entire web site will be removed. Your business, therefore, is totally dependant on a third party service – something that many people, including myself, don’t like.

    Customization – Site builders like Wix and LeadPages are quite limited in that you, as a business owner, don’t have the option to create custom functionality.

    After some time, you may realize that you need a certain feature or function built for your business and sort of customization is not possible on such platforms.

    WordPress, however, is open source and extremely customizable – you can hire a developer to extend it to build bespoke functionality, or simply choose from the huge list of plugins that are already built and freely available.

    Price – Most of these services are extremely expensive. LeadPages, for instance, costs $576 per year for the basic business plan whereas Thrive costs $228, less than half price.

    In short:- If you’re running some kind of business where you want to keep your options open and be in control of your online assets, then I’d personally recommend going with a self-hosted solution. I would still advise that approach even if you decide to not use Thrive Themes.

    Onto your second question about Thrive and its competitors in the WordPress space such as Divi and Elementor.

    To my mind, there are two very important points that sets Thrive apart from these competitors:-

    We are conversion focused – The Thrive tools have been designed by marketers solely so businesses can generate more leads and make more sales. We are focused on effectiveness rather than flashiness. We put a lot of thought behind making sure our tools are highly effective for businesses that sell stuff online.

    For instance, our Thrive Leads split testing engine has had a lot of thought put into it. Not only is it a sophisticated split testing tool but we’ve designed it such that it’s incredibly quick and easy to use. We know that testing is a high point of leverage for businesses to make more sales, and that’s why we’ve invested heavily in that functionality.

    Our Tools Talk to each other – We offer a suite of tools that handle everything from sales page buiding to quiz building and lead generation. By themselves, these tools are already very powerful, but they become increasingly powerful because they fit together to become the Swiss army knife of tools for selling through WordPress online.

    Imagine how difficult it would be to trigger a limited time discount when somebody signs up through a lightbox on your site and then ask them to complete a quiz once they’ve signed up.

    With the Thrive suite, this is really just a matter of a few clicks. With other tools, this is an extensive custom programming job.

    So in summary:- our tools are the only on the market that’s specifically been designed with conversions in mind and they seamlessly interact with each other to make a powerful platform on which to run your business.

    I hope this clarifies everything for you, but feel free to reply to this if you need any more insight. Also, if you want to take any of our tools for a spin, all our purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk on your end.

  • Very informative. Copy that! 🙂 Thanks EJ.

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